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Organize research, notes and references. Konspectus offers a searchable database of citations and references and keeps all of your research materials in one place.
Save time with formatting features. Konspectus inserts formatted references and generates works cited and bibliography pages using popular standards.
Navigate through the writing process in just 3 easy steps. Outline – Draft – Review. A structured approach to writing helps you to maintain focus and stay on topic.
Share ideas, outlines, quotes and references with other users. Participate in a dynamic writing community.
Improve grades as you follow our writing tips and master a new way to write every paper regardless of it length and complexity in just 3 easy steps.
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Learn how to develop you writing skills leveraging the 3 easy step method offered in Konspectus.
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Local Startup Community Loves Konspectus

CINCINNATI - January 14, 2015 - A packed room of more than 30 entrepreneurs, investors, and influential community members attended the Konspectus presentation at the January JoeThirty event at The Rookwood Tower. JoeThirty is a monthly event that allows local startups to talk about their company and share what they are doing, and it provides a forum for the business community to provide help, feedback or direction and share connections. 

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