Konspectus for Schools

The Konspectus application for teachers contains advanced capabilities to allow instructors to create assignments, provide writing tips, upload outlines and insert customized grading rubrics. Konspectus facilitates communication between instructors and students by allowing instructors to comment, review and grade assignments. With Konspectus Academics, grading and reviewing student work becomes a pleasant and interactive experience.

Teachers creating new assignments are able to specify the particular curriculum standards on which the assignment is focused. This ability to link each assignment to a curriculum standards allows teachers and principals to view what standards have been covered and monitor the class/school performance on these standards throughout the academic year. The explicit linking to curriculum standards will also help students to become comfortable with the requirements as they are incorporated into the writing process.

Konspectus supports teachers by defining the standards that should be covered at each particular grade level, and supplies a comprehensive database of rubric templates that teachers may use. Teachers retain full independence to customize each assignment and rubric template according to their individual teaching style and the needs of their students. Konspectus does not define how the standards should be taught or the materials that should be used to support students.

Teachers may transmit formative assessments and assignment reviews directly within the assignment document, with no need to link separate emails. This reduces the iteration of draft versions but more importantly, organizes these elements of the teaching process to give students a clearer understanding of the instructor’s expectations and their own performance and grading, aided by the framework of customizable rubrics and templates available within Konspectus.

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