Konspectus, LLC is a leading provider of a web-based multi-interactive technology designed to help students write better papers, faster. Konspectus uses a focused 3-step approach - from creating outlines to a final paper and is designed to meet the unique needs of college and high school students to help them write better papers, faster, without plagiarism.

The software helps students maintain focus and stay on topic, it promotes structure and organization through the use of easily manipulated suggested outlines, and allows users to manage and conduct research within the application. Konspectus also provides standard paper styles (MLA and others), and formats references and citations in the proper locations.

Konspectus software empowers students and teachers to focus on the development of ideas and critical thinking, offering a bold new model for the teaching of writing and the prospect of optimized curriculum standards learning outcomes from the individual to the school and district level.

The software combines a robust interface for composition and editing with innovative tools to demystify and enhance the complexities of gathering, organizing, and attributing research, bringing efficiencies and benefits to students and teachers that previous writing and educational software products have not had the capability to deliver. Konspectus is available 24x7 from an internet browser in a secure, hosted environment.


By integrating assignment rubrics and robust reference management tools with an intuitive editor that facilitates and simplifies the progression from outline to final draft, Konspectus frees students to worry less about formatting and citation standards within writing and research assignments and to focus their energies on critical thinking and the development and presentation of their ideas, resulting in higher quality papers.

Konspectus helps students build skill sets that they can apply with confidence to any writing task. Innovative collaborative and messaging tools improve student/teacher communication while aiding students’ understanding of teacher expectations and the specific requirements and grading of assignments.

The Konspectus technology is ideal for both beginners and experienced writers, helping them to save time while improving the quality of their final result. While the above discussion focuses on the benefits to students and teachers, there are numerous applications for professional users who will realize similar benefits from Konspectus intuitive editor and robust management of deep bibliographies of source and reference materials.

The technology also facilitates collaboration between students, their peers and professors. Konspectus is available 24x7 from an internet browser in a secure, hosted environment. Students can share outlines, notes, references, manage and prioritize their own database of assignments and retain a library of personal references collected over time. Konspectus is ideal for both beginners and experienced writers, saving time while improving quality. Let’s write something now!

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